Student Learning Options

Student Learning Options
Posted on 01/22/2021
Student Learning Options






Good morning, Roughrider Families!
We hope 2021 has gotten off to a great start for you and your family!
BUHSD schools are re-opening for in-person instruction beginning on Monday, February 8th.
If your student is currently Option A (not Edgenuity), where they follow a schedule with teachers from the school, we need you to make a choice whether you want your student attending school in-person 5 days per week or if you want your student to remain distance learning. Option B (Edgenuity) students do not need a completed declaration.
By submitting this form, you are declaring your student's intended Learning Environment (In-Person or Distance Learning) for the period of February 8th through March 5th. Both environments will follow the BUHSD school calendar, but a student will not be able to switch back and forth. If a student who is declared to be in-person is unable to be physically present for their classes, a parent/guardian will need to contact the school to excuse the absence - even if the student attends classes remotely. If a student is declared to be Distance Learning, the student will be unable to attend classes in-person and will be required to be picked up from school if they show up to campus. Distance Learning students will still need a parent/guardian to communicate with the school if they are unable to remotely attend their classes. 
While on campus, students and staff will be required to always wear a cloth mask except when eating at designated mealtimes. Students must have their temperature checked as they enter the bus/campus, use hand sanitizer or wash hands as much as possible, continue increased cleaning and sanitation, refrain from gathering in large groups, and other things that are part of our mitigation plan used during the hybrid phase fall semester.  With the possible numbers coming back to campus, we will not be able to guarantee social distancing on the busses, in the classrooms, or in common spaces.
We are asking that you make your decision by the end of the day on Friday, January 29th. If you submit multiple times, we will use your last decision as your declaration. Your student will need to follow your declared decision for the period of February 8th through March 5th. We will prompt you again prior to the week of Spring Break, which starts on March 8th, with an opportunity to change your selection for the final quarter of the school year.
If you have any questions about the choice you are making, please email us at