Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders and none today can question the importance and benefits of environmental stewardship.  The Envirothon helps students to develop the critical thinking skills that are necessary to manage and conserve natural resources in a sustainable manner, always mindful of economic, social, and environmental concerns.  This club helps prepare students for the Arizona Enivrothon competition where students form a 5-member team, study and learn about our natural resources and then compete for the opportunity to win significant prizes and represent Arizona at the annual NCF Envirothon.


Students and their coaches prepare for the competition with assistance from natural resource professionals.  The major areas of study include aquatic ecology, soils and land use, wildlife, forestry, and a current environmental theme that changes yearly.  Students must learn about each topic area and more importantly understand that these resources are not isolated subjects, but rather interact within a given ecosystem.


For Science/Environment club we are meeting Tues (for group 2 students) and Thurs (for group 1 students) at 2:15 in room 2119.  Students who are interested in joining but staying online should email me and I will add them to the club Teams.


Dayna Doskocil

[email protected]